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Cabinet psychothérapie et coaching Apprendre à dire à Paris

MY services in
psychotherapy and Coaching


Anguish, anxiety, depression, burn out, abuse, illness, death of relatives, dismissal, harassment, divorce, complicated parenthood ... Suffering is not inevitable. The main goal of psychotherapy is to get better .


Starting psychotherapy means taking space and time for yourself. It is a moment of exploration where you will be able to meet each other, accept yourself as you are, regain confidence , make sense of your past experiences, (re) find your momentum, you (re) appropriate your emotions, welcome your story, allow yourself to be fully who you are.

Psycho-Organic Analysis therapy is both psychoanalytic and psycho-body work. We work with your thoughts, your emotions and your bodily feelings.


Step by step, you will find your feeling of well-being and inner fulfillment. During the session, you will be able to submit your story, your essential themes, in all kindness, with delicacy and without ever being judged.

The duration of therapy is never known in advance, it depends on your process. The sessions last 50 minutes. The first meeting is always offered.

The price of the sessions can be adapted according to your possibilities and your personal situation.


Professional coaching

Career Strategy, rack to employment, pristation prepairs to interview, positionning managerial, interpersonal c ommunication, management of stress and conflict, confidence in itself, speaking and negotiation, retirement ...


I support, individually or in companies , directors , managers , employees , self-employed or young people who are starting their careers .

Individual sessions last 1.5 hours and are spaced three weeks apart to allow you to put your decisions into action. The number of sessions is to be determined together (generally the objectives are reached in 5 to 10 sessions).


Coaching topics are generally related to your professional development and can be funded by your company or by you, depending on your needs and challenges.

Coaching is time-limited support with the objective of short or medium term results. In 5 to 10 sessions, thanks to concrete tools and exercises, you will find your answers and solutions to overcome a blocking point or achieve a goal that seemed completely impossible to you at the start.

Travail collaboratif
mains tenant

Coaching for adolescents and their parents

When children become adolescents and then young adults, tensions sometimes rise within the family and communication becomes difficult, if not impossible.

If your teenager is going through a complicated time (stress, school failure, demotivation, harassment, existential questioning, too much emotion, sleep disorders, eating disorders ...), coaching can be an effective solution to help him ask words about his feelings and to regain his resources, his confidence and his well-being.

I receive adolescents in my practice in the 3rd arrondissement in Paris or by video, at the end of the day and on Saturdays.


I also offer a brief support package for parents who feel helpless in their parenting position .

Understanding relational misunderstandings, discovering the different functioning modes of each family member and using the method of Non-Violent Communication (NVC) can quickly defuse family conflicts and regulate tensions.


Depending on your specific situation, it is also possible to organize facilitation and family expression sessions (one parent / one teenager, two parents / one teenager or the whole family together).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know more.


business support and consulting

My possibilities of intervention in business are varied and always adapted to your specific needs. I work as an expert consultant in Well-Being and Quality of life at Work and Psychosocial Risks .

I create :

- programs for Talents (retention, development of skills and the network, implementation of transversal projects that make sense, etc.)

- Team Coaching programs to unite, energize, find meaning, optimize as well as on change management.

- co-development programs to increase efficiency and develop collective intelligence.

I also offer regular Coaching Permanence days within the company , in the form of an open space where employees who so wish can make an appointment and come and explain a specific difficulty, find resources or develop their skills . This concept of providing coaching to employees is very successful and is very easy to set up.


For any questions, contact me directly .

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