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one journey, several lives

My fields of intervention are varied and that is what makes my strength. I started my professional life in the artistic field as an actress and voiceover, a profession that I have been practicing for over 25 years. Curious and passionate, I followed my desire to explore other universes.

In the space of 10 years, I have become:

- Company trainer

- Certified professional coach

- Expert consultant in well-being and quality of life at work and psycho-social risks

- Psycho-organic analyst

After having worked for several years in coaching and training throughout France and in Europe, in 2019 I am opening my practice in the heart of Paris, in order to offer my patients a soothing and safe place to rest and recharge their batteries .

Therapy is an encounter. If it's time for you to share your story, I'll be there by your side for as long as you need.


En savoir plus

my training as a psycho-organic analyst

  • 4 years, at EFAPO (French School of Psycho Organic Analysis), a private higher education organization approved by the EAP (European Psychotherapy Association).

  • I adhere to the official and ethical framework of APO psychotherapy as an APO Psychoanalyst Therapist (Psycho-Organic Analysis).

  • I am a member of the FF2P federation (French Federation of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis).

  • I am a member of Psy APO (French Society of Psycho-Organic Analysts).

  • I adhere to ethical rules and I am bound by professional secrecy.

psycho-organic analysis?

Créée par Paul Boyesen dans les années 70, l’analyse psycho-organique se situe entre la psychanalyse et la thérapie psychocorporelle. C’est une méthode qui écoute ce qui émerge de l’inconscient du patient, en prenant compte de son vécu organique.

Le corps a en mémoire des évènements parfois douloureux qui peuvent être élaborés en séance, afin de leur permettre de ne plus entraver la vie du patient. Il s’agit d’harmoniser les liens entre la tête, le cœur et le corps, en travaillant sur les ressentis organiques, les images et les symboles.

Session de psychologue
Ma formation
Espace de travail ouvert

my certified Coach training

Pourquoi apprendre à dire

learn to say?

It is sometimes difficult, if not impossible, to express your inner truth, to easily verbalize your feelings...

For many years, by helping human beings to develop and feel better thanks to psychotherapy and coaching, I have seen to what extent speaking can liberate, soothe and heal.

Putting words on your traumas, on the shocks that life puts on our paths, on the violence suffered in the past or in the present is essential.

To get there, sometimes you just have to start from the beginning :
learning to say.

Fille aux bras tendus
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